Accidentally New York…

The Setup:
My camera is a lovely little thing for the most part. It’s one failing is the touch screen. I see no point to it. Anyway. It has this setting that you can take a photo by touching the screen (why not touch the button?). This is a feature that can be turned off. Until, of course, you hit the screen too many times in succession, then the “feature” turns back on. Which means there are often very random shots in my roll. Most of the time they’re just stupid crap. But I found some of these intriguing. So I’m going to post them.

Body Worlds (NSFW)

Fae, The Model

This is Fae. I’ve once again made her my slightly unwilling model.

This is Fae’s first experience with a candy apple.

And then this one, because when all the candy apple pictures are put together it’s hilarious.

New York From A Cab (black and white)