Time 2/14/08

The nature of time is that it is constantly moving. Ever changing. And it changes everything around it as it goes. If you attempt to stay the same as time flows around you, you will find yourself flailing and falling apart. Nothing can ever stay the same, no matter how badly you might want it to. You can look to the past and remember how it was, but you can never have it that way again.

The perfection you find in a moment will never be there again.

The saying goes “Time heals all wounds”, but is it more true that time creates rifts as it moves? It pulls one away from the other. Things go in entirely seperate directions. After a while, Time may help you to forget the pain of the loss, or the way that things once were, but the wounds will always be there. Just filled up with the various debris you manage to pick up along the way.

The past is untouchable, un-recreate-able. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. There is no way to get it back. You can attempt to build up your world to be what you once had, but it will dissolve and decay quickly, leaving you with nothing, because everything around you has already moved on.

The present is just as much the past as the past is. What you do right now will be what you have done until you die. The decision you make in the next moment will never be able to be undone. You can put it off all you want, but eventually the moment will come and pass. Rarely do you ever consider the actions or thoughts of the present. You don’t even realize what they’ve been until they’re the past.

The future is always one step ahead, and when you think you’ve gotten it figured out, it’s already in the past. The future is elusive and unpredictable. Even if you have plans or ideas, it’s never guaranteed that the future will hold what you seek. More often than not, the future is never what you expect or want it to be. Encountering the future is rarely what you had planned for it.

Time is a lost cause. You cannot manipulate it, you cannot control it. It is a raging river that flows in any direction that it pleases. There is no way to even direct it. You must always relax and go with the flow of time, if you struggle against it, you will drown. Die. Fade away into nothing.

Time is the one thing that you will always feel a loss for, but never know how to hang on to.


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