Flash Fiction (Read me if you want something written)

I desperately (like, this is no exaggeration, I need this to happen before things start falling apart in my world) need to purchase a new laptop. In order to facilitate this and accelerate the process, I’ve decided to offer up flash fiction in exchange for donations of $10.00 or more. It’s pretty simple. Here’s how it works.

1. Send donation via paypal to either blackwidowart@gmail.com or use the tip jar link below.

Tip Jar

(you can also use paypal.me/blackwidowart)

2. Include as many keywords or phrases as you want in the notes section (as well as an email address). Really, send as many as you want. The more the better.

3. I will choose one or more to write about. One story per donation, though. Keep that in mind. If you want another, you can send more keywords and more of a donation. Hell, you can do this until I run through all your keywords if you really want.

4. It will be posted on blackwidowart.wordpress.com and a link to it sent to you via the email you provide.

Ta-da! Easy. And fun. Hopefully fun for everybody.

Some things to note: I cannot guarantee how long the fiction will be. I will write until it ends. It might be a paragraph, it might be ten pages. Nobody will know until it’s finished. I also cannot guarantee it’s going to be what you thought it was going to be. I will use your keywords and/or phrases, but just because you give me “bunny” doesn’t mean it’s going to be about bunnies hopping around in a field. My brain goes weird places. What I CAN guarantee is that this will be a new piece of fiction written just for you. Never before seen by the entire world. And I CAN 100% guarantee that you’ll get a story. Even if it takes me two weeks to get it done, you’ll get a story.



Update:  I’ve managed to earn enough through this project to make just about halfway toward my goal. I will continue this at least until the goal is reached, possibly further if there’s interest. After the goal is reached, if this project is continued, all funds will go toward further art-and-writing-creation implements.

Update 2: I have, in fact, purchased a laptop. Further funding of this project will go to paying myself back (I kicked in the other half from savings), and then it will all go to find various creative ventures. In particular, I’m looking toward camera stuff.

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