A different kind of writing challenge

Every day in February, I will be posting a really old piece of writing. Some of it may only be a couple of years, but other pieces date back further. It was all previously gathered under the short story collection Ragged Teddy Bear (which is a line from a Bowie song I loved). This won’t be everything that I wrote for that particular venture, nor is it everything I wrote during that period of time. There’s some really bad poetry that’s not going to be included for everybody’s sake.

I’ve decided to do this to… I don’t know. Expose myself further and break through the fear that I have of people reading my old stuff. Or any of my stuff, really. Maybe that seems odd considering what I’ve published here, but it’s said with all the honesty I’ve got in me. I’m terrified of people reading my writing. I’m terrified of it being rejected. Logically I know that not everybody will like everything, and that not everything I have written is terrible. Logic and the creative mind don’t often wander down the path of life hand in hand, however.

I’m also hoping that in putting these out there, it’ll inspire me to keep up a good pace with writing new things.

So these old posts will be tagged as so, but will also have a date in the subject line.

Additionally, I will be unlocking those stories already under Ragged Teddy Bear. Because. Why not.



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