Written Notice Of Pending Repossession 5/29/10

Dearest Inhabitant,

You were awarded this Human Life Receptacle at the beginning of your existence on the planet with stipulations and guidelines. You are not the owner of this vessel, merely the current occupant.

It is acknowledged that as a human, you may experience various trials and tribulations, and that some wear and tear on the vessel is not only acceptable, but encouraged. You are expected to enjoy your time in the vessel and in doing so, some dings and tarnish are unavoidable.

However, it has come to attention that you have gravely misused your assigned vehicle. It has gotten soft and round in the middle, and while current stress situations can be held accountable for this, you are expected to revert the vessel back to it’s ideal size as quickly as can be done. Most Human Life Receptacles undergo these kinds of changes, and have snapped back into their proper form. This is not the main worry.

Recently, it has become clear that there is abuse happening to the vessel. There are vast marks of discoloration throughout the limbs and main structure of your vessel. When these appear about to fade, it has been discovered that you mistreat your Human Life Receptacle again, thus bringing about further discolorations, and even scratches.

These, because they can mend due to the ever changing molecular structure of your borrowed conveyance, are not dire as much as they are disheartening. Up until this point, you seemed to be responsible enough to handle the responsibility of inhabiting your Human Life Receptacle. These discolorations bring that into doubt.

What is worse is the wear and tear on the innermost workings of your container. It has been reported that there are more grievous problems that cannot be seen externally. It seems that the discolorations you have grown fond of collecting only tell of the very tip of the issue, much like a burg of ice.

This notice is to inform you that if you continue to damage your Human Life Receptacle, it will be revoked. Your license to own and operate a Human Life Receptacle will be suspended for a period of five years, and you will have to complete the training course again at the end of those five years. Upon passing the test, if you manage, you will be given a much more basic model, which you will have to prove your ability for before we can upgrade it.

Please heed this warning, Inhabitant. Destruction of universal property without the proper grants and written permissions is a very serious crime that is punished to the full extent of power.

We will give you one month’s time (thirty days) to review the above statements and revise your use of your Human Life Receptacle.

You are thanked kindly and reminded that you are being monitored at all times.

-HLR Resources.


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