Dallas Aquarium – bird

The story of this bird:

We were walking through the open atrium, watching the otters be teased by some jackoff who apparently didn’t read the sign directly next to his head that said “Do not put your hand over the top of the tank, we can jump and we DO bite”. We were waiting for him to get the just desserts he deserved when we heard a loud thunk. I turned to my left, and this bird was on the ground, dazed. He got up, stood there for a moment, and then flew to the nearby railing, almost falling off of it. Dazed, he sat and let people take pictures of him for a while, but as he started to come around, he started to get angrier and angrier. In the photos, this is reflected by his beak being open and his tongue sticking out. He eventually recovered fully and flew off.

It should be noted that I was actually that close to him. He almost bit me. I would have deserved it.


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