Open for commissions

From now until the end of September, I will be taking both writing and photography commissions.

Here’s how it works:

Writing: For $10.00 (or more), I’ll write you a piece of flash fiction. You send me your keywords and/or phrases, and I will build off what speaks to me. You can send me as many as you like, but not all of them will necessarily be used in one story. If you want more than one story, and you donate more than $10.00, just let me know that’s what your plan is. I might ask you for more prompts. It will be posted here when it is done, and I will send you the link in email.

Photography: For $10.00 I will go out into the world and take a photo of something you request. It can be a mood, a feeling, something more specific. No pictures of my home, or of myself, however. I will send you the file in email, as well as post it here.
For $20.00, you can get an actual print of the photograph. If you send $10.00 and like what I do, you can always upgrade.

You can paypal the money to or use venmo @rabies (please make sure you let me know what this is for)

I also have these for sale:


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