Shards rained down, flaying random strips

One touch.

One arm outstretched, one finger extended. One world shattered. All in the briefest of moments, with no forethought afforded. No consequences considered. No test of will, no pause for consideration.

An identical being, mimicking the motions from the other side with the same wide-eyed wonder. Flushed skin and chewed lip. An ache inside to satisfy an incomprehensible urge. Even secret emotion plainly evident.

Forward motion perpetuates action, continuing until there is no return from the brink possible. Spiderwebs of error spread through fragile surface. Warnings shriek, echoing in ignorant silence.

Impact imminent, impossible to avoid. Shards rain down, flaying random strips. Sweet virgin flesh torn, ruined, and ragged. Sticky red spreading.


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