The silence brought peace

The world screams. A constant, ear shattering noise that becomes an annoying buzz due to overexposure.

People. Their voices. Their vehicles rumbling, honking, screeching along paved lanes. Animals in unnatural environments, crying for the wild freedom their blood remembers. Televisions blaring, fighting through walls to be heard. Music of every beat and rhythm competing to be the most important sound over everything else. Everything pressing, ever present, never stopping. Nights bring minimal relief, the light of the moon calming the portion of the planet it touches for all-too-brief respite.

But here, here it all sounds as it should. The wind through the treetops. Nature’s harmonious chorus, the creatures content with their lot. Here, sound travels pure and clean through miles of car-less, asphalt-free pathways. Devoid of ivory towers and sky-scrapers that would greedily conceal the expansive sky, far from the rush and anxiety of the daily grind.

Here is teeming with life. None of the cold, unfeeling concrete and too-shiny metal looming oppressively over every aspect of every day. Uncorseted, nature breathes freely here.


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