The fish crates burst, salmon everywhere

All it took was a two second distraction. The mother of the bride on her phone, waving her arm dramatically, and stepping into the road. In an attempt to try to avoid her, the driver yanked the steering wheel to the side, which sent the van careening toward – then up and over – the curb. The back doors popped open, the carefully packed items within shifted toward the back simultaneously.

The sound of fast moving wooden crates was the cherry on top of the clusterfuck sundae. The follow-up of them splintering against the pavement an unwelcome additional dollop of whipped cream that toppled it all into vomit territory.

Ruined salmon spilled everywhere, cascading out of the holes made on impact. The smell punctuated the air around the van. Air that was now all-too silent. Certainly there would be an explosion of another sort soon. The maniac shrieking of a woman already unhinged…

In 3…2…1…


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