Row after row of skulls

Not white in the way most people imagine, bone is its own distinct color. It has its signature texture, as well. These traits can be imitated, though never accurately replicated. To get authenticity, there has to be legitimate bone.

Collecting is not a casual endeavor. The more identifiable the part, the more expensive it gets. Legality also becomes a prominent question, in addition to other worries. Nobody who just thinks skeletal structures are pretty neat is going to put so much into having the real thing.

Of course, those who are true connoisseurs aren’t content with the pickings the world has put on offer. Well, not solely, anyway. We who have refined tastes want to do our own choosing. We want to harvest the pieces ourselves.

We curate them, hunt them, and clean them for our displays. We are so ardent about our process, that it may appear as worship. Maybe it is. After all, the bigger the collection, the deeper the devotion.


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