Hand extended, she revved the engine

May’s glance darted from the car behind her to the one in front. Her hair whipped wildly around her face, caught in the draft from dueling exhausts. One decision would take her home, back to normalcy, back to everything she knew and was comfortable with. She just had to slid into the seat beside Angel, and it would all be washed away. Every experience she’d just had would be forgotten, forgiven. The excitement her heart had just experienced would become her little secret. A thrill to recall when she was going about her routine. She could go back to safety and predictability, security.

On the other hand, there was Olivia. Ferocious and free. Spectacular. New, interesting, and dangerous. Who made May’s heart beat unchained. She was unpredictable and exciting. Nothing would ever be certain again. She would walk on broken glass every day. The idea of it terrified May.

Angel was the rose, Olivia the thorn.

Looking back to Angel, who sat staring at May with the kind of stillness that only comes with confidence and inevitability, May almost made her decision. The sound of a lock releasing stayed her choice long enough for another glance over her shoulder to Olivia.

She watched the passenger door swing open to reveal temptation. Olivia leaned over the center console, hand extended. She revved the engine.


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