The bomb’s mechanism ticked a reminder

“No, it’ll be cool. It’ll be like ‘Speed‘.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re going to…”

“I’m not. Look, I’ve already made most of it, I can show you…”

“Listen. You can’t keep that pace up. Nobody can. Not even the best runner in the world can keep that pace for an entire marathon. Somebody will…”

“I’ve been training. It’ll work!”

“I don’t think…”

“It would be nice to have your support on this.”

“I can’t. I cannot find any angle on this that I can support.”


“You are going to literally strap an explosive to yourself to motivate your run. It’s insane.”


“Possibly certifiably. In all actuality.”

“It’s not a big…”

“ANY bomb is a big bomb. You have it set to monitor your pace, yeah? What if you fall? What if other people get in your way? You’re going to explode, and take others with you, probably.”

“No, it’ll just…”

“How do you even know if you got the ratio right? You’re not a bomb expert, you’re a dog hotel owner.”

“I’m going to do this…”

“No. You aren’t. I’ll call the po… what is that beeping?”

“I was testing it.”

“It’s armed NOW?”


“You just told me you can’t shut it off once you arm it!”

“Maybe we should leave…”


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