Black Widow Art was started in 1995 by Mila Dean, since then it has encompassed every portion of her creative mind. From tattoo designs to painting to the recent addition of beading. Every artistic venture that Mila indulges in is incorporated under Black Widow Art. It is more than just a dream, more than just a business, it is a state of mind, a part of the soul.

This page is here to share and showcase some of the things that I’m currently working on, as well as past projects and to talk about whatever might be looming on my personal horizon.

There will be password-locked posts for my Patreon patrons, so if you want in on that, go to http://www.Patreon.com/blackwidowart and help me continue on my path of not being a real adult.

All original art, writing, and video or audio recording featured on Black Widow Art, unless specified otherwise, is copyright © 1995-2016 Mila Dean. All rights reserved. Reproduction rights of all content, in whole or in part, requires written permission of Mila Dean.

This includes redistribution of original content, in whole or in part, or reproduction of original content in other media i.e. broadcast of music, photographs of painting, art as background to other works or inclusion of said works in other projects. Mila Dean reserves the right to protect her copyright by demanding takedown and destruction under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If used for any commercial purposes, Mila Dean reserves the right to recover damages including, but not limited to, a $1,000 contingency and 25% of all gross revenue from the infringing commercial work. If used for advertising purposes, the due royalties are calculated from the product, service, or person advertised. Retroactive royalty payments do not automatically grant permission for continued or future publication.

That said, Black Widow Art is frequently very enthusiastic about contributing work to community events or other artists if permission is requested beforehand. It is not uncommon to receive permission for reproduction at no cost if the project is synergistic and complimentary, credit is granted, and the agreement is struck in advance.

It’s a pretty long winded way of saying, please ask.