Imperfect Disorder

Starlight, Mesquite, Tequila, Witchcraft, Blood


Forests and fields, long journeys, subtle magics

Antagonizing Shotgun


Right In The Middle

How I Met The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Satin, Seas, Chartreuse

Haunting Eyes, The First Full Moon Of Autumn

A Healthy Child, Full To Bursting With Royal Blood

Love and War

Say Something

Hand In Unlovable Hand, Inadequacies Abound

The Best Time To Plant A Bomb Was Twenty Years Ago


A Story In Social Media

Muddy Stars

The Hero Will Not Be Automatic

A Story In 5 Sentences

Mr Henderson

Succubus, chicken fingers, Doobie Brothers

Grief, Heartbreak, Redemption, Perseverance

What Is It

I Share My House

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