These stories come from a rabbit hole of imagination.

Prompts are first posted by WriterlyTweets on Twitter, then taken and made into a short six word story, also posted on twitter through a quote tweet. In an effort to break out of my months-long writer’s block, I have now gone back through my history and pulled out the six word stories to expand them.

Here you see the results of that.

In six words or fewer, write a story about

Stepping Into A Mirror – 10/8/16

A Rising Tide – 10/11/16

An Incident Involving Toes – 10/14/16

A Chance Meeting At A Political Rally – 10/18/16

A Mysterious Credit Card Charge – 10/17/16

An Artist’s Model – 10/20/16

Being Alone In A Cabin In The Woods – 10/21/16

A Late Night Phone Call – 10/22/16

A Broken Tool – 10/24/16

A Costumed Crush – 10/28/16

An Inconvenient Leak – 10/29/16 The Neophyte

A Text-Based Romance – 11/1/16

Keeping Warm – 11/2/16

Assuming A New Identity 11/5/16

Switching To Day Shift – 11/7/16

A Fatal Push 11/8/16

The Day After 11/9/16

A Signing Bonus 11/10/16

A Small Town Radio Station DJ 11/11/16

A Bad Customer Experience 11/14/16

A Successful Design 11/15/16The Constructed

A Catering Mishap 11/16/16

A Fearful Acrobat 11/17/16

A Collection 11/19/16

A Tempting Ride 11/19/16

A Passionate Firebrand 11/21/16

A Lonely Cloud 11/22/16

An Unexpected Traveling Companion 11/23/16

An Unusual Thanksgiving Tradition 11/23/16

A Quick Departure 11/26/17

A Marathon Runner’s Motivation 11/28/16